Ideas for multi centre holidays in Italy

What makes Italy one of the most popular destinations in the world? The answers are likely to be as varied as the country itself.

In Italy you can find a whole world of the old and the new – contrasting scenes and settings certain to fascinate and to relax any kind of traveller.

What’s more, with multi stop holidays in Italy, you can explore many of those different destinations all within the same trip. Even then, you might be left wanting to come back for more, but the varied itineraries from which you can choose make each visit an exploration in its own right.

The only difficulty might lie in choosing just where to go, what to see, what to do, and just how many different stops on which you might want to base your holiday.

That is where here at Italy Multi Stop Holidays we come into our own. We have the knowledge and experience to help you to put together a varied and fascinating holiday to remember. You might base it on those cities and attractions that you already know you want to visit, or leave the entire planning of an interesting and relaxing itinerary to us. Either way, we can tailor your holiday to include as many – or as few – different locations as you wish.

We are confident that you won’t be stuck for ideas – but, just in case, here are a few suggestions just to start the ball rolling:

Venice, Florence, Rome and Sorrento
Even the most unseasoned traveller is likely to recognise these iconic names – each one sums up so much that is unique and fascinating about Italy!

The canals and waterways of Venice offer picture postcard views of what many regard as the typically Italian scene, while the Tuscan capital, Florence, remains the cradle of the Italian renaissance. It’s undeniable that Rome is the seat of one of the greatest empires of the ancient world, whilst Sorrento provides the perfect escape in idyllic scenery to relax at the end of your holiday.

Sorrento and Capri
Did that last stay in Sorrento, as a base from which to explore the whole of the Neapolitan coastline, capture your heart? Then you’ll probably want to go back! What better way to do that than to add a further holiday stop and include a magical stay on the romantic Isle of Capri – and relive scenes from the novel I Love Capri.

Pisa and Lucca
Both towns are but a stone’s throw from the historic city of Florence but offer a quite different experience to enjoy in a two stop holiday.

Pisa, of course, is known for its leaning tour in a town that proved an absolute magnet for Michelangelo, whilst the less well-known charm of the town of Lucca is still encircled by its ancient Renaissance walls, making Pisa and Lucca the perfect twin stops for absorbing the very best of Tuscany.

The multi stop holiday of your choice
We could spend all day – and many more besides – suggesting ideas for different stops for your stay. At the end of the day, though, the choice is entirely yours. Choose any of the many combinations of different stops for your stay or put together an itinerary that is entirely your own – we can tailor it to suit your heart’s content. Contact us on 0844 993 4139 to speak to a friendly travel adviser about our customised vacations or click here to send an online enquiry.

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