Italy leads the way in renewable energy

A new study comparing the renewable energy consumption of 28 European countries has shown that Italy is already hitting its 2020 targets.

In a bid to slow climate change and improve the global environment, renewable energy has been a topic of focus, with European countries setting targets for renewable energy usage.

GSE (a consulting company specialising in electrical services) recently announced the findings of its study into the renewable energy consumption of various European countries (titled “Renewable Sources in Italy and in Europe: Towards the 2020 Targets”). This study found that Italy accounts for 11% of all renewable energy consumed within the European Union, ranking third in the use of renewable sources in Europe, just behind Germany (17%) and France (13%). It also showed that, in terms of total energy from renewable sources, Italy is already hitting its 2020 targets.

GSE’s study has shown that the contribution to energy from renewable sources within Europe has doubled in the last 10 years, equating to a reduction of 21 million barrels of oil.


The European Union’s Targets for Renewable Energy

The European Parliament Directive 2009/28/EC was announced in April 2009 and aimed to promote the usage of renewable energy sources. The directive set energy targets for countries within the European Union, with the aim of all countries reaching their target by 2020. The energy targets included:

  • 17% of total energy consumption coming from renewable sources
  • 10% of energy used by the transport sector coming from renewable sources

GSE’s study has shown that 34% of Italy’s electricity consumption currently comes from renewable sources, ahead of the European average of 29%. This is well ahead of the 17% target. In addition, Italy has reduced its electricity consumption by 14%, as have Spain and the UK.

These findings show Italy’s commitment to a cleaner future.

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