Make Turin part of your next vacation

From its Egyptian Museum to the Juventus Stadium, the capital of the Piedmont region in Italy is experiencing a real boom. And the best is yet to come!

If you’re thinking about a multi-centre vacation in Italy then Rome, Florence and Venice are probably topping your list right now, and for good reason! However, we want to throw a curve ball at you and suggest that Turin should also be on your vacation hit-list. Here’s why.

Turin is a major centre of culture in North Italy and thanks to its prime location on the banks of the River Po with its Alpine scenery, the countryside around the city is one of Italy’s best wine producers. And then there’s also the chestnuts, honey, salami, unique cheeses and truffles that make this part of Italy heaven for foodies! However, it’s not just the food and wine that draw the tourists – there are also plenty of cultural delights to discover and one of the things we love about the city is its diversity: it mixes city chic with ancient monuments, classic museums with modern art galleries, and royal palaces with football stadiums, meaning every turn on the city streets brings something new!

One of our favourite hot-spots is the Egyptian Museum, which has welcomed around one million visitors since its refurbishment last year. It is regarded as the world’s most important museum of Egyptology after Cairo and has fascinating displays and realistic exhibits that are enjoyable for all ages. From the secrets of Egypt, you can discover the secrets of cinema, as the National Cinema Museum stands just a kilometre or so from the Egyptian Museum. It entertained a staggering 600,000 tourists in 2015 and is situated inside the Mole Antonelliana tower, which is an icon of the city. Here you can learn all about Italian cinema, including iconic films such as Cabiria, and how movies were once used to unite Italians following the unification of the country in 1861.

Those that want to immerse themselves in the refined history of the city should spend a day discovering the Reggia di Venaria (the Palace of Venaria), which is a former royal residence with immense galleries, stunning ballrooms and manicured gardens that are simply a delight in the Italian sunshine. And of course there is also a palace of a different kind as Turin is home to the Juventus Stadium and museum, which were visited in 2015 by more than 170,000 fans. It makes for an inspiring an enjoyable day out for any football fan, especially younger fans.

And then there are the stunning Piedmont wine regions, which can be discovered on a day tour from the city. As well as the stunning white wines, you will be impressed by the lush countryside scenes and vibrant vineyards that can only be found in the Tortona Hills. A visit to the wine cellars in Timorasso is a must for wine connoisseurs and you can also sample local wines, including Croatina and Barbera, in one of Turin’s vibrant wine bars.

Turin has so much to give and can easily compete when it comes to world culture with the more popular Italian cities, yet it also brings a chic atmosphere and modern vibe that you don’t find in some other Italian cities, and if that isn’t enough to sway you then we guarantee that the unique white wines and delightful food will have you returning to Turin time and time again!

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