Things to do in Tuscany

Tuscany is in Central Italy and is well known for its beautiful landscapes, rich artistic legacy and vast influence on high culture. It is widely regarded as the true birthplace of the Italian Renaissance, which was a period of great cultural change and achievement that began in Italy during the 14th century. The region is of course very well known for its unique culinary tradition and famous wines, including Chianti, Vino Nobile di Montepulciano, Morellino di Scansano and Brunello di Montalcino. Tuscany is a wonderful place for artists to visit thanks to its revered art galleries, which house famous masterpieces, and it also has many museums, as well as six World Heritage Sites and protected nature reserves.

Cities in Tuscany, such as Florence and Pisa, always prove popular as part of a multi-centre vacation in Italy but there is so much more that you can enjoy in this beautiful region of the world. Here are our favourite tours and activities to enjoy in Tuscany.

Climb the Leaning Tower or see it from the skies!

While the Leaning Tower of Pisa is wonderful to see from the outside in all its wonky glory, we highly recommend going inside the tower and climbing the stairs up to near the bell tower, if you can. It is quite a way up (some 284 steps) but the panoramic views are outstanding! If you are unable to go inside but still want to enjoy panoramic views of Pisa, we highly recommend a hot-air balloon ride over the city.

Take a stroll on Lucca’s ancient city walls

The city of Lucca, which is not far from Pisa, is famed for its Renaissance-era city walls that enclose the heart of the city. They are fairly wide and paved all the way round so you can enjoy a leisurely walk on them, taking in the sights of the city below. You can also hire bicycles and the city is very safe for cycling. While in Lucca, be sure to look out for the Guinigi Tower, which is topped with ancient Holm Oak trees.

If you’re in Lucca at the right time, you could also enjoy catching a concert at the Lucca Summer Festival.

Cruise the Cinque Terre

Although not technically in Tuscany, we had to include the Cinque Terre as it is within easy reach of the main Tuscan cities. The Cinque Terre is a coastal strip on the Italian Riviera and is widely regarded as a natural oasis. It is made up of five villages, Monterosso al Mare, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola and Riomaggiore, and the area is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. As well as walking tours around and between the villages, you can also enjoy a sea cruise. There is also a train that connects the villages but we do highly recommend taking a walk around so that you can soak up the beautiful scenery.

Take in the magnificence of Michelangelo’s David

While we’re sure you’ve seen photos of Michelangelo’s David or perhaps you’ve even seen the replica in Piazza della Signoria, but take our word for it: nothing compares to the original! If you find yourself in Florence on your vacation in Tuscany, please do visit the Accademia Gallery and see the statue for yourself in all its magnificence! Please note that we do recommend you book a tour or advance tickets to ensure that you get in as the gallery gets very busy during the peak season.

See the Palio horse race in Siena

Siena is a medieval Tuscan town and a UNESCO World Heritage Site with many beautiful attractions, including its beautiful pink cathedral. One of Siena’s main calendar events is the Palio horse race, which is an exhilarating 90-second bareback race around Piazza del Campo. This traditional competition, which takes place annually, sees a horse from ten of the districts of Siena compete with their riders for victory and the respect that winning this grand race ensures. Although the race takes just a minute or two, Siena comes alive for many more days surrounding the event, with music, parades and street parties cropping up all over the city, making it a particularly special time to visit.

Eat Cinque e Cinque in Livorno

If you’re a foodie and want to try some of the cuisine that is unique to Tuscany, we suggest you stop by Livorno and sample cinque e cinque at Torteria da Gagarin on Via del Cardinale. It is a type of chickpea pancake that is served in a focaccia with a spicy, garlicky sauce and it is, quite frankly, amazing!


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